10 Examples of Facebook posts for increasing your E-Business

10 Examples of Facebook posts for increasing your E-Business

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Shoot a look beyond those social media cavalcade and you may see that people are using different types of social media for various kinds of reasons. One of the main reasons is Social Media Marketing. 

Social media marketing and Facebook shares a proportional bond. After all Facebook is a largest and most traffic platform with over 2.5 billion active users. Staying engaged with Facebook audience is very much important for E-marketing. Upholding the consistency, come up with contents is not a easy task. To increase more consistent on Facebook is to play with the different contents type. This will connect audience with your brand, in result, increases traffic.  

Now comes the question how does Facebook post helps in business? And how to do it? Well, it’s very easy to answer. Facebook posts with powerful content put an impact on people’s mind and sparkles the emotion behind it. By doing this on a frequent basis, it targets audience and makes businesses successful.  

 According to experts, human nature always get attracted to a post which they can relate easily. It fuels their curiosity to see about your page more, bringing more attention as well as the audience. But that’s not the whole reason for this scenario. For many businesses, they want their posts more shared and reach to more people out there for increase their brand name and value.  

 In January 2018, Facebook changed the news feed by giving priority to friends and family. Facebook explained, “posts that inspire back-and-forth discussion in the comments and posts that you might want to share and react to” would get more visibility in the news feed. To get businesses content top in the news feed, high quality content in post is required. If the topic is debatable, it will encourage to give long comments or start discussion. So, attracting engagement and maintaining it, is the main key to your posts in the Facebook news feed.  

Facebook gives a very helpful feature called “in-depth analytics” of your Facebook. This the time when most of your audience is online. Post at that particular time to increase more traffic to your page.  Only posting according to it won’t suffice. As I said earlier, you need to post consistently to top the feeds. Share mix content types with the trending topics. Analyze your post, focus on the numbers of comments and shares received because these interactions will impact the Facebook algorithm and your Facebook marketing results the most.  

Here, in this article you will find 10 different posts for successful businesses.  

  1. IntroductionYour smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark.” So, giving a good introduction of yourself or your business is very important. By sharing about yourself helps to connect with your audience more. Share a recent photo of yours or mention your next topic for the business, blog etc. Giving hints and ask them to guess about it. You should your audience the “real you”, so share your personal stories, weird obsessions with them. These are few tips to include in for introduction. Not only your introduction matters, your blog’s topic title should be catchy and attractive. Here are few hands picked ideas about blog post’s title 
  1. PollsPolls on Facebook helps in many ways, such as, asking question, voting. Creating a poll on Facebook lets you know the audience’ opinion and interest. You can add a poll in a group, a story, or in admin’s page. Making a Facebook poll takes only a minute or two is easy-to-follow process. It is a constructive way to extract feedbacks and helps you to learn about your audience. While putting up a poll on story, add a corresponding image or gif and give the option of 2 answers. For a poll in a Facebook group, the functionality is a little different. As you can provide multiple answer to choose for one question.  
  1. Going LiveFacebook Live is a feature of that uses the camera on a computer or mobile device to broadcast real-time video to Facebook. This is such a spectacular way to connect with your audience. This enlightens the audience to see the person whom they follow or the businessmen. Although the live broadcasters can decide who can see their video, engaging mass according to their needs. During a live video, motivate your audience, provide helpful tips. Spread awareness on health and productivity. Never forget to ask about their well-being, answers their questions. This makes your audience more comfortable with you which leads in increasing your business. 
  1. Messenger botsFacebook Messenger bots are important as well as popular way for any business to increase traffic and results from their Facebook marketing stores. Does who don’t know, “Facebook Messenger bot is a chatbot in Facebook Messenger, it converses across 1.3 billion people who use Facebook Messenger every month”. As of the 2018, Facebook has 300,000 active Messenger bots and it helps to scale your strategies. These bots provide an automatic response to a postYou can use it to share an offer and build a listImmediately after the bot tool has been developed, the voucher will be delivered to the inbox, whoever comments on the post. An offer post like this one will attract lots of comments, which (provided the comments are longer than a single word) will signal to the Facebook algorithm that you’re sharing quality content and more of your audience should see your posts.  
  1. Sharing photo: It is a good idea to share photos of your work in Facebook. Because images are more attractive than only text. People love to read text written in an image, rather than normal. This is one of the best examples to share in your Facebook page. Images with flow charts gives more idea to public. It builds an easy, friendly environment for non experienced Facebook users. So, by doing this you will definitely attract more people to your Facebook page to find about your business.  
  1. MemesBefore going to share a meme, lets know what it means. “A meme is an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations”. In every social media site, memes are in huge trendSo, goes with Facebook too. Sharing funny and relatable meme, makes a good impression of your page. In the world full of chaos, spread a little laughter. Try to make your own meme and share. This will show your creative writing style to your people. It will surely make your audience wanting more from you everyday. This type of engagement is the perfect show for your Facebook page.  
  1. Quick tip formulaAfter seeing your struggles, ideas, uniqueness etc, there would be many people considering you as their role model. In that case, you should reach out and give them a ‘quick tip’. For instance, tell them about how to manage finance or give tips for how to gain more followers. If someone asks tip, irrelevant to your page, still go forward and help them. This will expertise you in this field. Don’t showcase your other works, genuinely help them. It will build a strong trust among your onlookers.  
  1. Ask Questions/FeedbackAsking questions and feedbacks from your followers is the far most important thing to do in your Facebook post for any businesses. Although it sounds familiar to “poll” but there is a huge leap between two. Polls are limited to two options but by asking questions, a user can give his complete comment about your page. This is the best way to know the reaction of people on a topic. So that you can change them accordingly, setting up a more user-friendly environment. You can even ask fun questions using gifs for more tweetup. Try to engage with the consumers more often. As your business grows, conversation about your brand will also grow. 
  1. Share a QuoteQuotes are phrased words that open eyes and inspires minds to acknowledge the truth, wider perspective, expands awareness. Mostly reading a quote can change your mind because they directly strike at out emotional feelings. Quotes will inspire your followers so few powerful and motivational quotes on your Facebook page.  
  1. Inspirational videoThere is a huge difference between sharing a quote and sharing a video. Always video content reaches more people than other types of contents. People are tended to watch videos over reading a text. So makes sure you share an inspirational video but stick to your brand theme. Sharing a video which goes viral will spread about your work to maximum number of people across the work. After all social media (Facebook) can be both cruel and cure, depending upon your uses.

More Tit bit about Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing or SMM is to use this vast online platform to connect with audience to build your brand, increase sales and drive-in website traffic. Social media marketing includes publishing creative content, engaging with your followers on social media profiles. It also involves analyzing results of your performance and running social media advertisement.  

Considering that there are billions of people on various social media platform, it has become easy for the companies, business or the marketers use this deck to promote their products and brands. It also helps them to interact more with the customer and gives satisfaction to both customer as well as this marketer. No doubt, having your company’s social media profile in this cut throat competition of ecommerce seems very scary. To ease this, you can look up on social media marketing trends and then write a good strong content. Working on social media platform in this current time, increase the followers, improve engagement and boost conversation. This is a must-to-do strategy.  

Social media platforms are in continuous evolving process and keeping up with that is highly essential. Always stay up to the minute with the latest change and strategies to succeed. Acquire the complete notion of each platform and come up with good content for each. In this way you gonna rule the Social Media Marketing platform.  


                    So, in this article, you got complete idea about ten different Facebook posts. All of them are easy to do but highly efficient. Sharing this type of content in your page, will make it more substantial. There are many benefits for sharing diverse content for Facebook posts. Gradually, variety of contents present in a page will increase it followers. Your page will just not be your page, it would grow as a community. It will help you to expand your business globally, with the public’s trust. As it is said, “Citizenry will place a business at peak similarly pull the all the way down to embers”.  

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