WordPress – A Short Guide

WordPress – A Short Guide WordPress is an open-source and free website creation platform. It is an excellent website platform for different websites. Shifting on to the more technical level, WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) written in PHP, using MySQL database. And in simple language, WordPress is the most powerful and easiest blogging.

Update Graphics Driver for Gaming – Complete Process

How to update Graphics Driver for maximum Gaming What is Graphics Driver? The graphics driver is a program controlling graphic components and allows to co-ordinating with computer’s graphics hardware and needs update once a while. To play high-end graphics HD games on pc, powerful graphics driver cards are required. For the smooth functioning of this,.

Programming Languages – Top 10 for Businesses (2021)

Top 10 Programming Languages in 2021 for Businesses   The combination of hardware and software paves the way for progress in technology. A good machine is required for the smooth performance of hardware, same as top programming language pivots the modern and emerging technologies, these days. Present day programmers deal with easy and complex programming.

Web Design or Web Development – Which is the Best?

Web Design or Web Development Which is the Best? Google Analytics shows that businesses these days are looking for bothWeb Design’ and ‘Web Development.’ These terms are virtually interchangeable as ‘web companies,’ describing their services. But the truth is that these terms are two fundamentally different concepts of the website building process, which requires two.

Artificial Intelligence – History, Category and Application

Artificial Intelligence (AI)  Artificial intelligence is not here to replace us. That’s one of the biggest misconceptions. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the fruit of a tree that serves humankind. Artificial Intelligence uses data to interpret (or to say reads human behavior) the next task. It has the power to shape the upcoming future of technology..

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