Accessibility: Usability for all

Accessibility: Usability For All An accessibility design is useful only if the user can access it for any user, anytime, anywhere. Mostly we make mistakes the concept of accessibility for disabled people. In many contexts and circumstances, however, we are all disabled at some point. It’s all about people’s accessibility. You will know how difficult.

Web Design or Web Development – Which is the Best?

Web Design or Web Development Which is the Best? Google Analytics shows that businesses these days are looking for bothWeb Design’ and ‘Web Development.’ These terms are virtually interchangeable as ‘web companies,’ describing their services. But the truth is that these terms are two fundamentally different concepts of the website building process, which requires two.

Top 15 Technologies that will Change the World by 2025

How will technology change the planet, our mother earth within the next five years?  Will it be good? Or lead to more destruction, pollution and warfare? In the upcoming five years, will there be enough fresh air to breathe or do we need to carry tree behind us? Will there be quantum tech and nanotech.

Responsive Website Design and SEO Ranking Boost

Today’s time is just not modern, its digital. In this digital era, people have shifted from desktop to mobile platform. And this platform dominates a majority of the web businesses. It has only been a year since Google announced that they’re moving to a more mobile-focused indexing, and therefore the SEO landscape has never been the.