Web Design or Web Development – Which is the Best?

Web Design or Web Development – Which is the Best?

Web Design or Web Development Which is the Best?

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Google Analytics shows that businesses these days are looking for bothWeb Design’ and ‘Web Development.’ These terms are virtually interchangeable as ‘web companies,’ describing their services. But the truth is that these terms are two fundamentally different concepts of the website building process, which requires two unique skills.

Now the question must be popping in your head, which one to choose, Web design or Web development? Or what’s the difference between them, for developing your company’s website? Are web design and web development are same with two different uses? Which is the best web design or web development?  Read on to find answers to your questions.

In a nutshell, web design is both the usability and the aesthetic portion of the website. Web designers create the layout and other visual elements of the website using different design programs like Adobe Photoshop. On the other hand, Web development refers to making the functioning website from the web designs. Web developers use different programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHH and more, to give life to the design files.

Let’s learn about Web Design and Web Development more detailly and their differences.

Web Design

Web Design

Web design is the process of conceptualizing, planning, and building an array of electronic files that include the layout, text styles, colors, structure, images, graphics, and more. It uses interactive features to deliver quality pages to different site visitors. In short, web design refers to the layout of the websites that are displayed publicly on the internet. Web design is all about the seamless and comfortable user experience side of the website development, instead of some software development. Professionally advance web design helps to make your business look stronger online.

Web designers always begin by making the list of requirements of the client’s website objectives. It then moves on to Information Architecture (AI) to set the website’s information hierarchy and guide the design process. In the next step, web designers create wireframes and shift to the design stage. They use several basic design principles to attain an aesthetical layout with a great user experience.

Elements of Web Design

web design

Some important design principles will outstand your website. Here are elements of web design.

  • Balance Layout:

The most important element of a web design is the layout. The key goal to stay on top in the web world is to view the seeking information with just a glance or tap. The layout is the way the ads, graphics, and text are arranged. Web designers aren’t just about design, and it also includes understanding human psychology. It is imperative to create a balanced layout, using heavy and light elements together.

  • Graphics:

Graphics include photos, logos, icons, or clipart, which all are an essential enhancement of web design. These enhancers must be placed at the right place for a smooth user experience, blending perfectly with the web page’s content and color. It must make them load slowly.

  • Contrasting Color:

The choice of color for your website completely depends upon you. You can pick the standard color or your favorite color. But choose color depending on the clientele and purpose of your work. It could be simply black and white or multi-colored design, conveying the brand of an organization. Using color theory, web designers place contrasting colors are placed opposite to on the color wheel. Remember to use safe web colors that is, red, green, and blue, although it depends upon you.

  • Unity Contents:

Only a good design won’t suffice your website growth. You need some strong content too. Design and content together enhance the message of the site through text and visuals. Written text should be relevant and useful so that you will give the readers a chance to stay in your sites or come to your website once again.

  • Fonts:

Using different types of fonts multiplies the look of the website design. Headlines being bold and rest in standard form will help the visitor of your page to read. Most web browsers have only a selected number of fonts, known as “web-safe fonts.” So, your designer must be circled within web-safe fonts.

Web Development

Web development

Web development is the process of building the software of the website and upholding it. It refers to the task linked with developing different websites hosting via the internet. Web development is the web package that includes web design, network security configuration, web content development, client-side/server-side scripting, etc. In essence, its main work is behind-the-scenes activities like fast performance, no lagging, quick load, and more. These factors contribute to making your website look great by giving a smooth user experience.

Web developers are also called programmers, who take the created design and build a fully functioning website out of it. Let’s break it into simple language for better understanding. Take design as the non-interactive picture of a website. Programmers take the picture (or web design) and break it up into several components. They use programming languages for this process, like HTML or PHP, for developing different website pages.

Advanced web developers use Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress or Joomla to streamline their site’s development. This allows clients an easy way to update and maintain their website. Not only that, web developers can convert a static layout into a dynamic website simply by using content sliders and images, active states for buttons and links, and more interactive elements. Web development skills are in high demand worldwide. You don’t need a traditional Uni degree to access this job.

Final Words

Small and medium-sized businesses looking to start a website or re-designing their existing websites must be confused by the terms ‘web design’ and ‘web development.’ There is a thin line of difference among them, and web design means building the outer look, whereas web development means building the software which would enhance the designs. Web designers create the website layout, and web developers or programmer takes the design files to the development stage. Then, build the advanced website out of the design with a seamless user experience. Hoping that this article cleared up the common misconception that web design and web development are the same.

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