Want to Expand Overseas?


Osiltec Consulting which is a sister company of a parent company in Singapore. We help companies make informed decisions to invest or explore business opportunities in South-East Asia and in Middle East.

How we do it ?

For example, for Indonesia, as know it is the biggest economy of South-East Asia and going forward will be in Top-10 economies in the world.

Our parent group has local companies in Indonesia, into consulting into multiple industries.

Step 1

We listen to our potential customers or business partners to understand their needs.

Step 2

Do a custom analysis and submit a specific report with all required details.

Step 3

Presentation or discussion with client, for changing/editing or focusing specific areas.

Step 4

Implementation, in phases, as per client requirement.

Step 5

Implementation could be, to find a local partner or agent or stockiest or business partner or help in finding or acquiring land for the potential business.

Step 6

Includes services like local entity registration, providing local shareholders/nominees so on.

Step 7

Provide accounting services, business consulting, legal, complete business solutions, so that our customers focus on core goal of managing their own businesses.

Step 8

Single window for any requirements for doing business in Indonesia.

The above mentioned are few steps, which have been outlined, however depending on the client specific requirement, we have team and resources in India and overseas to work and provide solutions.

The above example is given taking Indonesia; however, this applies to all countries in South East Asia and Middle East.

Please feel free to contact us, if we could be of any help sales@wordpress-587525-2033907.cloudwaysapps.com

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