AI Myths – 12 Myths Holding Your Business Back

12 AI Myths Holding Your Business Back AI myths and fantasy!! Artificial (AI) strategies not only replace and enhance worldly employment but also increase or otherwise modify the ones left behind, going further into the working environment. They permeate all corporate aspects and drive market strategy. In reality, Gartner expects AI to be the leading.

MobiKwik – The Data Leak Case

MobiKwik –The Data Leak Case MobiKwik accuses users of the data leaks. That is worse than the violation. MobiKwik stands behind the reason for one of the largest data leaks in history. Or, that’s what the internet wishes you to believe, at least. These allegations MobiKwik refused to state they are a controlled agency and.

Accessibility: Usability for all

Accessibility: Usability For All An accessibility design is useful only if the user can access it for any user, anytime, anywhere. Mostly we make mistakes the concept of accessibility for disabled people. In many contexts and circumstances, however, we are all disabled at some point. It’s all about people’s accessibility. You will know how difficult.

New domicile law in Haryana impact on IT Industry

New domicile law in Haryana impact on IT Industry New domicile law impacts Gurugram’s IT and ITeS industries severely. The new law will affect one lakh job as work is available for the Haryana people. Know the rules better. The new domicile law in Haryana would provide 75% of the jobs for people; with a.

8 Programming Languages Invented by Women

It is a reputation for the software development field as an environment run by men. While women have an important influence, the media have not thoroughly addressed their contribution. The creation of programming languages is a field in which women have made a significant and sustainable contribution. The first computer programmer in the world was.